Limba Romana

Henri Coandă - Dwellings

Henri Coanda is divided in two areas: Sector 1 Bucharest and Voluntari (ilfov County). In this location NHA is building both houses and blocks of flats .


Sector 1, Bucharest

522 houses, with de P+M (ground floor and attic) and P+1E (ground floor+1 storey) heights.

The applicants have been delivered 167 houses so far.

355 houses are under construction, in various construction stages.

5 blocks

-3 blocks (9 flats): A1, A2 and A3. The blocks have P+1E/2E+M heights. Currently, the interior finishes are being executed.

-2 blocks (72 apartaments): A9 and A10. The blocks have  P+3/4E heights. 

Voluntari, Ilfov County

587 houses, with P+M andP+1E heights. 

218 houses have been delivered to the beneficiaries so far. 

Currently,  369 houses are under construction, in various construction phases.

6 blocks with  40 apartments and P+3E+M height.

-blocks A22 (7 flats) and A27 (6 flats) have been completed;

-blocks A21 (flats) and A26 (flats) have been completed;

-block A24 (flats) is under construction (the coating has been executed);

-block A23 (flats)  is under construction (the plastering has been executed ).


S - basement

P - ground floor

E - storey/floor

M – attic